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Tehsil Kishtwar (5490sq.kms)

Existence of Kishtwar town and Mandal goes back to Mahabharata time when it was called 'Lohit Mandal' meaning ' a place of Saffron' although 'Lohit' has ceased to be used now but 'Mandal' still exists and is the name of the villages in the vicinity of the town. According to some historians it was previously called 'Kashyapwas' meaning the place of 'Kashyap Rishi'. It was this great saint who on the basis of his spiritual powers, got the water of 'Goverdhan Sar' drained off which made Kishtwar a place worth living. The theory that Kishtwar, prior to its existence, was a lake known as 'Goverdhan Sar' is corroborated with the fact that area between TRC and village Sangrambhata is still called 'Gudhansar'. Sar in Sanskrit means 'Lake'.

With the passage of time the name 'Kashtwarak' also has been used for the present Kishtwar. Kishtwar has a significant historical importance as far as its antiquity is concerned in fact, the name Kishtwar is the 'Prakrit Version' of the sanskritised names 'Kashtwarak' and 'Kashtnivarak'. Kishtwar is a land of Sapphire and Saffron. This place is surrounded with mountains, dense forested and sloppy hills which gives amazing and fascinating look to this place. It has so beautiful landscapes. It has also occupied a place on the tourist map of India. Its height is about 1700 meter above from sea level. It is connected from rest of the country through NH1B near Batote. The waterfall of Potinag on the opposite side of NaginShero cliff which is 4090 meters above sea level which remains covered with snow throughout year gives the fascinating look to Kishtwar. Kishtwar have a beautiful ground popularly known as CHOWGAN surrounded by various types of trees. The area of this place is near about 520kanals. In ancient times, Chowgan is known as Goverdhansar Lake which is full of water. Kishtwar is located at a distance of 216 kms from Jammu. Kishtwar district is one of the beautiful districts in the state. The legend has it that Kishtwar got its name from an ancient sage, KishatRishi, Kishtwar stands out for its natural beauty that is further enhanced by the numerous waterfalls surrounding it. Kishtwar is popularly known as "Land of Sapphire and Saffron".

The Chander Bagha (Chenab) river is so wonderful that one becomes surprised to see its jumps from a distance. The area of Kishtwar is approx. 7824sq.km and population of Kishtwar is approx. 1,92,009 souls as per census 2001. Kishtwar is the place where people are not only of different races, but of different ethics and culture also. There are many holy places in this district. Some famous springs (locally known as Nag) of Kishtwar are Gudresh Nag, Pooti Nag and Kumai Nag. Many precious stones are found in this area are Sapphire and Quartz which is found in Paddar and Ruby Gems in mountainous area of Kishtwar. Kishtwar a nature's paradise needs road connectivity and up gradation. The whole region has fabulous potential for tourism industry which has been neglected for decades. Jammu and Kashmir is hailed as the crown of India. There is one particular area in state J&K which is called Kishtwar.

Kishtwar one among the newly created districts when the Chief Minister of state G.N.Azad had taken a historic decision in July 2006 for creation of the new district It has the unique distinction of being one of the biggest districts of the state in area just next to Leh and Kargil districts. Its area is almost one half of the total area of eleven districts of the valley and one third of the area of the Jammu region which too has eleven districts. Population of Kishtwar district is around 2.5lakh. History geography, topography, demography, area and population define the status of a place or region. With an area of nearly 8,000 Sq. Kms., Kishtwar is almost mountainous like that of Himachal or Ladakh region. District Kishtwar has its boundaries touching the valleys of Himachal in the south east and Doda on South-West. The entire district is full of mountains, forest and hills. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs all resides here with amity and brotherhood. The district has four Tehsils namely Marwah, Paddar, Chhatroo and Kishtwar with headquarters at Nauphachi, Atholi, Chhatroo and Kishtwar. An almost entire district receives snowfall during a good winter. Habitation is found even at altitude of 9,500ft. Kishtwar is full of hidden charm, wonderful sites and spots, health resorts, touristís locations famous historical and religious places, sacred shrines and monuments.

List of all towns and Villages in Kishtwar Tehsil of Kishtwar district

Town Population -- --
Kishtwar Municipal Committee 14,865 -- --
Villages - - -
S.no Village Administrative Division Population
1 Agral Kishtwar 1,040
2 Ajna Kishtwar 1,125
3 Akerhang Kishtwar 451
4 Anjol Kishtwar 907
5 Badhat Kishtwar 924
6 Balgran Kishtwar 2,223
7 Baroti Kishtwar 485
8 Bat Koot Kishtwar 1,192
9 Benun Kishtwar 1,536
10 Bershala Kishtwar 83
11 Bhagna Kishtwar 2,663
12 Bhander Koot Kishtwar 852
13 Bhandera Kishtwar 871
14 Bhatan Kishtwar 151
15 Bhugrana Kishtwar 1,297
16 Bhutna Kishtwar 833
17 Chalasu Kishtwar 278
18 Chamoti Kishtwar 1,444
19 Chandali Kishtwar 736
20 Chandna Kishtwar 372
21 Chbicha Nagsain Kishtwar 1,125
22 Cher Jee Kishtwar 2,233
23 Chingnana Kishtwar 685
24 Dachla Kishtwar 734
25 Damji Kishtwar 360
26 Darab Kishtwar 1,002
27 Dhar Kishtwar 415
28 Dharbadan Kishtwar 1,600
29 Dool Kishtwar 4,931
30 Duga Kishtwar 922
31 Filler Kishtwar 3,802
32 Gahan Kishtwar 995
33 Galhar Bhata Kishtwar 1,644
34 Gudh Kishtwar 280
35 Hadar Kishtwar 417
36 Halor Kishtwar 578
37 Hariyal Kishtwar 2,041
38 Janwas Kishtwar 1,117
39 Jawalla Pur Kishtwar 1,231
40 Jirwar Kishtwar 403
41 Jushana Kishtwar 266
42 Kalchanda Kishtwar 466
43 Karool Kishtwar 4,145
44 Kawartanji Kishtwar 1,355
45 Keshwan Kishtwar 3,709
46 Kewah Kishtwar 1,852
47 Kishtwar Kishtwar 3,887
48 Kither Kishtwar 861
49 Knwarthara Kishtwar 228
50 Kohri Kishtwar 443
51 Kukarwas Kishtwar 246
52 Kutal Kishtwar 283
53 Lach Dayaram Kishtwar 3,500
54 Lach Khazana Kishtwar 1,861
55 Lass Kishtwar 595
56 Lawa Kishtwar 440
57 Loondri Kishtwar 927
58 Magh Batna Kishtwar 266
59 Malie Kishtwar 271
60 Mandar Kishtwar 566
61 Matta Kishtwar 3,114
62 Mori Kishtwar 1,547
63 Nali Kishtwar 1,333
64 Neejo Kishtwar 796
65 Ohli Kishtwar 959
66 Pakalan Kishtwar 871
67 Palmar Kishtwar 7,388
68 Patnazi Kishtwar 5,212
69 Piyas Kishtwar 628
70 Poochal Kishtwar 7,042
71 Pora Kishtwar 497
72 Prishmula Kishtwar 294
73 Salna Kishtwar 693
74 Samna Bhata Kishtwar 1,183
75 Sangna Kishtwar 326
76 Saranwan Kishtwar 1,343
77 Seergwar Kishtwar 570
78 Shandri Kishtwar 288
79 Sharoti Kishtwar 554
80 Tatani Kishtwar 2,155
81 Tipri Kishtwar 1,924
82 Trigam Kishtwar 3,762
Data Source:- http://www.census2011.co.in

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