Bonjwah, Saroor, Chhatroo, Dachhan, Marwah, Warwan and Paddar valleys of Kishtwar districts have immense adventure-potential. It is along these valleys that the Trans-Himalayan-Trekking Trails leading to sure and Zanskar valleys of Ladakh and Kargil one side, to the Kashmir Valley, Himachal Pradesh on the other pass amidst breath-taking mountain scenery comprising lush-green meadows, dense forests, rich in flora and fauna, humming heights talking to the sky, alpine pastures in the lap of high level mountains where sight of neighing horses, bellowing cattle, bleating sheep and goats mesmerizes the trekkers.

In the absence of road-connectivity, these places of tourist interest have remained virgin and un-explored so far, If connected properly, tourists will find a number of places which are matchless in natural beauty and grandeur. Kishtwar is a major mountaineering base of Jammu and Kashmir and is surrounded by an incredible number of high mountain peaks. The wall up to the base camp of most of there peaks takes 2 to 4 days journey on foot Ikhala and Gulabgarh, the last bus-stops on Kishtwar-Marwa- Anantnag road and Kishtwar-Paddar road respectively .

Kishtwar in general and Dachhan, Marwah, Warwan and Paddar in particular have ideal sites for aquatic sports like water rafting, Kayaking, Water skiing and Ice-Hockey. Paragliding and rock climbing can also be introduced as major sports in the slopes of Kishtwar town, Bhandarkot, Dachhan, Marwah, Warwan and Padder areas. The ideal course for paragliding in Kishtwar town can be developed on the slopes between Kishtwar town and ‘Kalam-Sathar’ a picturesque spot on the top of a hill to its north side. The water body formed at village Dul, at the Dam site of Dul-Hasti Hydro-Electric project has provided ample scope for development of this place for aquatic sports.