Machail Mata Yatra


“The Himalayan pilgrimages are the oldest organized travel system, evolved over time by Hindu sages and embodying the spirit of wander, adventure and spirituality”.

One of the holy trinity, Maa Chandi is a living goddess.  Vedic myths, ritual and even astronomy testify to his existence from the dawn of time.

This yatra has played the greatest role in highlighting the peculiarities of Padder and influencing among people the spirit of adventure. This procession starts from Bhaderwah than reaches Pul Doda on mid-day after that yatra moves towards Kishtwar crossing Thatari, Drabshalla, Kandni, Hasti than reaches Kishtwar near about 4pm. On next day, Yatra moves from Kishtwar towards Atholi Paddar. 

Machail Yatra attracts many visitors. An increasing number of people will visit it to get spiritual peace. It will give a boost to the local economy which is hard-pressed at present. Read More ………

Shri Machail Mata Yatra

Machail Mata Pilgrimage Emerges as a Major Spiritual and Adventurous Journey in Machail, Paddar District Kishtwar of Jammu & Kashmir.The ancient Himalayan pilgrimages, crafted by Hindu sages over centuries, encapsulate the essence of wanderlust, spirituality, and adventure. Among the revered deities, Maa Chandi, the living goddess, holds a significant place. Backed by Vedic myths, spiritual beliefs, and astronomical references, her existence transcends time. Notably, the village of Machail in Paddar has recently gained prominence as a place of immense religious significance and sanctity due to the presence of the revered Shri Chandi Mata temple.