Urs Shah Asrar-ud-Din Sahib

Shrine of Shah Asrar is situated in the southeast of Chowgan. It is a highly revered shrine and is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kishtwar. The shrine is also popularly known as Darbar-e Asrariya and Astan-e-Payeen. Shah Asrar, on whose memory the shrine is dedicated, performed great miracles and became quite popular amongst the people. He lived for a short period of eighteen years and is said to have been called back by God.

The legend has it that Shah Asrar, who was born to Hazrat  Farid-ud-din, was a born saint. It is believed that at a very young age, Shah Asrar started to show signs of his incredible talent, but when his father came to know about this, he prayed to God to take him back to heaven. On 25th day of Kartik, Hazrat Farid-ud-din prepared sugar syrup and recited some Quranic hymns. He then ordered Shah Asrar to drink the syrup. After drinking the syrup, Shah Asrar took his last breath, and as it is believed he went back to God. His father made arrangements to bury him in Chowgan. This burial place is now called Darbar-e-Asrariya.

His URS, which is celebrated every year on 25th day of Kartik is considered as one of the major attractions in Kishtwar as on this day a large number of devotees throng his shrine seeking to get blessings and their wishes fulfilled.