Urs Shah Farid-ud-din Sahib

Syed Muhammad Farid-Ud-din Alias Shah Sahib, was born to Syed Mustafa, a descendant of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani of Baghdad, in the 1000 Hijri (i.e. 1551 AD).

Syed Muhammad Farid Ud-din son of Syed Mustafa, a descendant of Sheikh Abdul Qadir of Baghdad, was born in 1000 Hijri (1551 AD) After completion of his studies he set out on an extensive tour, offered the Haj at Mecca. Saw Sheikh Jalal Ud-din Al-Maghribi in Mecca and Sheikh Mohi Ud-din Qadri in Egypt reached the Sindh from Baghdad and from thence to Agra towards the close of Shah Jehan’s reign. Raja Jai Singh ascended the throne, in 1674, was the ruler of Kishtwar. Farid Ud-din with his followers: Dervish Muhammad, Shah Abdal, Syed Baha Uddin Sa’ani and Yar Muhammad reached Kishtwar for the propagation of Islam in 1075 Hijri corresponding to 1664 AD. He was seventy-five at the time.

He is said to have died in the year 1733 AD . His tomb stands in the center of Kishtwar town, and his infant son Syed Anwar Uddin, lies buried by his side. Syed Asrar Uddin’s tomb is on the other side of the town facing Chowgan. He died at the age of eighteen, on the prayer of his father. Syed Akhyar Uddin lies interned in the outer adjoining room of the Shrine.